Lake District day 2

Today we climbed Lingmoor Fell from Little Langdale. It’s a good path all the way with fine views, the best being at the top with spectacular views towards the Langdale Pikes.

In the first image we can see, from left to right, Pike of Stickle, Harrison Stickle, and Pavey Ark.

Storm clouds gathering over the eastern Lake District.

Lake District day 1

I rather like clouds. Not the grey stratus slabs that so often seem to blanket this country. but the graceful forms that are carved and sculpted by the winds that are themselves contoured and guided by the landforms beneath, and driven ultimately by the sun’s energy.

Clouds like this one, looking west from Loughrigg.

A robin in my garden

This robin has a nest near my garden, and I noticed while digging the soil that it was taking advantage of the insects and worms that I was uncovering. Even a bird as tame as a robin is difficult to photograph without some sort of hide. So I stuck the spade in the soil just outside my garage window, and waited inside with the camera Рa Canon 5D Mk3 Рpre-focused on the handle.



The lens was the Sigma 180mm f3.5 macro lens, and I used a touch of fill-in flash to ensure that the underside of the bird isn’t too dark, and to put a catchlight in the eye. As usual, I was in manual mode, choosing a shutter and aperture combination to throw the background nicely out of focus, and setting the flash power to give the amount of fill-in necessary to lift the shadows without overpowering the daylight.